Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Shoei RF-1100 Helmets

We have received our first shipment of Shoei RF 1100 Helmets.

Shoei has this to say about the update to the RF 1000:

Building on the strongest pedigree in the motorcycle helmet business, SHOEI is proud to introduce the all-new RF-1100. Since it’s 2003 inception, the RF-1000 has enjoyed great success, but that didn’t stop SHOEI’s world-class development team from throwing out the molds to build a brand-new helmet from scratch. Combining customer and dealer requests with advanced technology, modern testing practices, and 50 years of helmet-building experience, SHOEI is pleased to deliver the finest sport-touring helmet that money can buy. The all-new, groundbreaking RF-1100—where aggressive styling meets SHOEI’s unrivaled attention to detail, and the evolution of perfection is once again met.

Super Street Bike has a review up, if you are interested:

I’ve been wearing the RF-1100 for almost a week now and can say I have yet to find a quieter, more comfortable helmet for my head. Variable ventilation is possible thanks to different combinations of the six possible vents. With all the vents closed, road noise is virtually eliminated. The vents are easily located and operated while wearing gloves. While some vents only blow air on the face, the RF-1100’s front vent channels air to the forehead. This is key for those who wear contacts to keep them from drying out while riding. With all the vents open, a strong cooling effect can be felt, especially on hot days.

Branchville Motors on Ebay

Things being what they are these days, we are frequently asked what we have that is on sale.
Well most of our sale merchandise can actually be viewed at our Ebay store.

There are some great deals to be had there on riding gear, collectibles, and accessories for older bikes and scooters. Check it out!

Winter Service Special

WINTER SERVICE SPECIAL: free pickup and delivery within 20 miles, $2 a mile after. 10% off of labor!

Whether you need to winterize your bike, get an annual service, have some repairs done, install some performance upgrades, or get some custom paint,

NOW IS THE TIME to do it.

Call Chris at 203-544-7900 to discuss having your motorcycle or scooter serviced, accessorized, and customized.

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome, to the new Branchville Motors and Vespa Ridgefield Blog.

I thought as an introduction to us, I would post some pictures of this sweet custom Triumph Thruxton which we built over last winter. The base was a 2009 EFI Thruxton, and it has about every upgrade you can think of, and a few you probably wouldn't have thought possible.

Yeah, that Arrow Exhaust and Ohlin's Suspension look awesome, and perform even better. But what is going on with the front end?
Well if you look closely, and are really familiar with modern Brit bikes, you might realize that the front end on this beastie is actually transplanted from a Triumph Tiger. That's right, inverted forks and upgraded brakes.

You might have guessed that this kind of customization wasn't cheap, and you'd be correct, and well you'd also be wrong... The original owner has moved on to other projects, and is having us sell off this work of art. The bike has around 1300 miles on it, and is going for $13,000. If you are interested, come by and talk to us.
Heck, you can stop by just to drool a little bit, if you care too.